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Slag Grinders and Deburring Machines

Perfect Finishes for High-end Metal Sheets

PCS-USA represents and sells Weber slag grinders and deburring equipment. Whatever your organization needs for grinding and deburring, give us a call OR fill out our simple form and we will contact you.

Weber M

WEBER M Surface finish for metal coils and metal sheets The creation of brushing and grinding patterns on high quality metal sheets is a science in itself. With its series M, WEBER has developed a machine that creates such perfect grinding patterns that nothing is left to be desired. When necessary, even fully automatically.


Weber NLCA Wet Deburring Machine

The WEBER NLCA is a deburring machine especially for grinding and deburring fine, smaller parts that also require strong edge rounding with higher throughput speeds.

Weber NLCA Wet Deburring Machine

Weber TTK Deburring Machine

Available with 1 or 2 grinding stations, infinitely variable feed speed (3.5-35 m/min), Grinding belt length of 1900 mm.
Quickly select grinding stations with simple "i-Touch" controller.

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Weber TTSC Grinding and Deburring

The grinding rollers on this Weber machine grind and remove burrs from flat parts. This machine is typically used for thin sheet metal parts.

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